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We make visa application procedures easier for you. To ensure that you submit a strong visa request,we provide a tailored list of documents. We based them on your personal circumstances to secure an approval. We also provide a reliable chat support to immediately attend to any of your visa queries and concerns.

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7 Responses to SERVICES

  1. Fantastic to find out that these are becoming “more scarcer.”

  2. David says:

    Wow! THis is very Cool Aish. Happy New year! I miss talking with you. Good you take this photo setisr,so unique. My first Christmas with my husband and family were good.Thanks for asking,how about you? Tell me when you have time to chat. LOve you,muahh!

  3. Buffee says:

    Cool! That’s a clever way of looikng at it!

  4. Veronica says:

    I’m originally from the Philippines but never been to Tawi-Tawi. Sometimes toirusts visit the place was being kidnap. Have you heard about it? Oh I’m not scaring you lol..just giving some info.

    • Delf says:

      Hi guys, i know for sure that the Philippine driving leincce is not valid in the UK as the British government refused to allow pinoy drivers to drive on a Philippine license. Well what do u expect when they don’t even have a driving test. So the Philippines retaliated and refused to acknowledge the British license. I was told this by one of the managers at the LTO Ormoc. And thats why they allow only so many days i.e 30. A small case of tit for tat from the Philippine government and we dont want pinoy drivers on our roads who dont even know what traffic lights and halt signs are’ from the British government. I dont say all pinoy drivers are bad as they are not and some of them have the patience of a saint and being able to drive in the conditions that they do is sometimes amazing i dont see any pinoy in formula 1 although they could have a slight chance in the Banger racing. dp the site is looking awesome man. great workBW Dave

  5. Ivelina says:

    It’s really not good to sreapd this kind of disinformation.International Driving License is valid for 90 days from your airport arrival date. This does not depend on the cop, it’s the law. Even cops have to follow the law.If you have an international drivers license, all you need to do is go to the LTO. There’s a drug test and some paper work, that’s it. It took me only 2 hours all in all, I got my Philippine (final) license immediately, I didn’t use a fixer and fees were announced on the walls in print.Filipinos don’t know how to obey traffic laws, but that’s a different issue.

  6. Via says:

    Yeh thats correct DP. Most forgien licences are good for 30 days. Problem is most of the cops once your out of the city don’t know about this and it can be a problem. Generally if one is patient and not trying to lord it over them and explains the situation its OK. Anyone staying longer is better to apply for the RP licence, there are quite a few people I personaly know that can arrange this for you, no need to even go to the LTO.

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