drogba in paris

drogba in paris

태그 : 드록바
영상 시간 : 1:6
평점 : 4.42

좋아요 : 53 , 안좋아요 : 7

출처 : Sibusiso Nhlapo

drogba in paris few days after the world cup in germany captured by sibusiso nhlapo.

업데이트 날짜 : 2006-08-04 21:20:38
drogba in paris few days after the world cup in germany captured by sibusiso nhlapo.


  1. just like the jay z and kanye west song

  2. @woden38 Lol you must be the dumbest person alive, get your facts right before you open your ignorant mouth

  3. Nice! Porsche Cayenne Turbo!

  4. Its been a while since I've been on utube and wooow two hundred and thirty thousand views. If I only knew…

  5. @woden38 Cut em some slack. Im sure you'd do the same thing if you grew up with nothing man. We human beings.

  6. @MultiBest77
    You did not push him so there was no need to dive.

  7. @nielsprobkid what you Talking about If you Talk to a Amaricans is it Soccer if it whit English Peopels is it Football

  8. football sorry I'm from Canada.

  9. @chelseafcfanisy

    it's called football. eofd.

  10. waiting for him to fall over – when does that happen?

  11. nice car CAYYENNE,POSH TRUCK.

  12. Which facts have you stated? You haven't stated any facts. You stated many opinions.

    I know plenty about my country. Why the hell would I be proud of Nigerians, or any Africans for that matter, spraying money when most African countries are corrupt? It's not ignorance, it's common sense. If you want to defend something like that, then be my guest.

  13. You should learn English. I don't know what most of your post stated.

    I didn't post what I said to "change your mind." I posted my opinion, not facts, as did you. I don't remember shouting at you because you disagreed with me. If anything, you need to "get ova it."

    Spraying money is an arrogant tradition. It could be going to the poor. It doesn't need to be flaunted. It can go somewhere else, like to Oxfam. So much money and resources in Africa yet most African nations are in shambles. gg.

  14. I'm Nigerian, Mister "DONT ASSUME"

    You can't even have a civilized debate. You're only swearing and typing in caps at me. He hasn't done "the most." Stop putting him on such a high pedestal.

  15. I don't recall ever swearing at you o.0

    Look on youtube, seeing as you haven't already. I've seen videos of him throwing money on the floor and people walking on it. That money can go to the impoverished.

  16. lol are you serious? You must be a barca fan o.o

    he's arrogant and overrated. he believes he's the greatest football player ever.

  17. nice hair…………..:=?/

  18. Believe me he's a cool guy.
    dn't mind wot he does on tv

  19. Unfortunately Fafinho11, people confuse confidence with arrogance! Drogba is extremely confident! He is so sure of his skill that when he makes a mistake or misses an opportunity you can see the disappointment on his face. He prides himself on perfection and when he is in a slump he will fight his way out of it. Like he has done so many times in the past.

  20. but how do you know that…i am a footballer trying to come up in the youth ranks and people contantly tlk about how im big headed but they dont noe me and im the furthest from it really…i think its better if you know the players first before you can call them arrogant, no?

  21. i think injuries have mellowed him out a little, for now lol. i have nothing against him as a person. as a player, however, at times he thinks he's too much for himself. he reminds me of cristiano ronaldo and samuel eto'o. they're all great players, but they let it go to their heads.

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