Didier Drogba shows great skills before he finally scores!

Didier Drogba shows great skills before he finally scores!

태그 : 드록바
영상 시간 : 26
평점 : 4.46

좋아요 : 357 , 안좋아요 : 43

출처 : marvellous82

Another amazing piece of play …

업데이트 날짜 : 2007-03-24 11:56:31
Another amazing piece of play …



  2. Great skills……. aka 1 ronaldo chop

  3. Good player, but he can do better tricks. Everybody who plays football longer than 1 year can do that, too.

  4. was at this game at newcastle.. drogba was bes player on the pitch by MILES. i think they ended up winning the competition?

  5. @9ronaldo7drogba11 Actually thats incorrect. West Africans are fast as hell. East Africans cant sprint for shit, but they've got good stamina.

  6. thats really not that immpressive

  7. im suprised he didnt try an get the penalty

  8. this is normal.

  9. hugh glynns me name google me,,,,,,,they say i cud av been way better than this waster , thumbs up if uv heard of me and agree

  10. if this was la liga didier would dive and rolled few times after the sliding tackle

  11. what the fuck?? what is this..? it's just a fabulous goal…

  12. @tsusajop please shut uppp fuckin moron..Messi is even now one of best player everrrr..Xavi who?wtf Messi scored 53 goals and had amazing 23 ast u idiot..Messi will be great with any unselfish players,cause its a team game…Drogba is amazing…

  13. @suckieduckie Cronaldo. His goal Ratio is amazing. 2 different leagues with 40+ goals. Ifhe can win the league and champions league with Madrid, then Messi will no longer be the best until he leave barca. :X Im scared for barca when i think what would happen to them if xavi breaks a leg, retires, changes clubs… Fabregas is the only hope to cover for Xavi.

  14. @tsusajop right, then who comes close to messi by your opinion?

  15. @suckieduckie Messi best player in the world? Yes. By far? No.

  16. @suckieduckie u sir is retarded.
    JUST WAIT TILL HE LEAVES BARCA u fuking lil twat.
    u know nothin about football.

  17. @royalblade17 LMFAO haha lampard over Xavi? you sir must be retarded, Xavi is the mastermind of barcelona, lampard doesnt come close to him in vision, controle and passing ability.
    and messi is not overrated, he is by far the best player in the world right now.

  18. @Palanub TRUE HE IS,
    @ palanub get off their DICK
    fuking homo

  19. @suckieduckie except xavi and messi, re u on weed.
    ill pick lampard over xavi.
    for the record messi is overated, just wait till he leaves barca, he would be totally shit.
    fukin midget kunt

  20. in fifa 11 he aint got enough points for that trick wtf

  21. now i know where cristiano got his trick from

  22. @bendikvalen well no, im saying that its not visible wether you see the class of a player like drogba or messi, if you can only say "ronaldo is better".
    it kinda shows you only watch ronaldo as closely as you should.

  23. @suckieduckie so what ur saying is that you are trashing a player if u say ronaldo is better? that is what you are writing ….

  24. @Palanub whats that supposed to mean? ive seen them all play tons of times, and this is just my opinion.
    if you cant see the genious of xavi and messi, you need to watch them better

  25. @suckieduckie lol your probably on the suckiedickie messi and xavi bandwagon. i highly doubt you've seen any of them play

  26. @Back2pray01 dude! Johan Cruyff was the first to do this trick

  27. why is it, that on every freaking movie a see about a brilliant player, (be it messi, van persie, zidane or drogba) there are ALWAYS people saying C.ronaldo is better.
    and its so not true lol, i mean hes better then everyone except for xavi and messi but thats no reason to go and trash other wonderous players :O
    so hush Cronaldo lovers

  28. @Yovitten he scored, how does it possibly get better?

  29. He learn it from ROnaldo Nazario de lima.

  30. 1 skill? wen did that become AMAZING??? and it says skillSSS

  31. amazing goal, bak wen he didnt dive.

  32. @Yovitten well he can make it better but then he dives, drogba didn't you lil fuck
    so drogba is better

  33. @jatdha why do u hate him has he ever done something to u?

  34. @bellion028 Correction, pretty much any soccer player with skill can do this, but the point is does anyone do this at times like this and cause beautiful goals with it….that's the difference

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