Canada Student Visa

Canada Student Visa

To study in Canada, an individual needs to apply for a temporary resident visa then request for a study permit. But it should be noted that the study permit applies only to those who want to take full academic degrees in the country. For those who are enrolling in short courses, the permit is no longer required.

Visa eligibility

An applicant is eligible to apply only if the following conditions are met:
• Applicant has been accepted in their chosen or preferred universities
• Applicant has a clean record
• Applicant is free from contagious disease
• Applicant guarantees that he or she shall return to the Philippines after studying

Basic requirements

• Valid passport
• Passport photo
• Proof of enrollment or university acceptance
• Proof of stable financial resources
• Proof of sufficient accommodation
• Scholastic records

Consular officers have the right to ask for additional papers and documents

Dual intent

The dual intent or the plan to stay permanently in Canada and seek for employment cannot be used as grounds for disapproval. But it is the applicant’s duty and responsibility to demonstrate that studying is his or her main intention for entering the country.


Students are allowed to work. Proper permits should be secured prior to engaging into employment-related activities. Visa holders must also maintain and sustain the scholastic requirements of their university in order for them to work study and remain in Canada.

Student permit renewal

International students should be wary about their study permits. Renewals should be sought before it expires. The failure to do so leave them with no choice but to exit Canada. If the permit expires, they may file for a restoration of status. They must wait until their status is restored before they can continue their studies in the country.

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